Shrinkage compensation is critical and involves understanding
how the finished gear will shrink in the mold as the material
cools. Shrinkage varies as to gear feature and material.

Removable gear rings and components allow for cost 
effective changes when re-cutting to compensate for shrinkage.

Advanced tool design achieves better molded part dimensional
stability through uniform melt temperatures and pressures that
are circular about the axis of the gear.

Accuracy and repeatability: Kleiss Gears tools produce gears
 with tolerances of 0.0254 mm (0.001 in) and 2 micron accuracy.

Our Iteration Method involves mathematically designing the gear
cavity, molding the gear, measuring both, then recalculating and 
remanufacturing. The first sampling achieves optimal process, 
and the second sample achieves the properly sized nominal part. 

ISO Logo - Kleiss Gears is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer

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