Prototyping is frequently necessary during product development to prove your design. Depending upon your timeline and budget, Kleiss Gears helps you determine the best method for prototyping your gears: injection-molded prototypes or cut prototypes.

Injection-Molded Prototypes can produce many thousand parts very close to full production quality. Many of our customers can begin production with their prototype mold, saving time and money.

Cut Prototypes are typically less precise than injection-molded prototypes. We often focus on just a few specific features.

To test performance of the chosen material for a gear at very high and low temperatures, we hob-cut a few samples without concern for coring or any other features. The gears survived continuous loading for 2 million cycles at 260° F and 1 million cycles at room temperature with less than 30% wear on the cut pinion and almost no wear on the gear. This confirmed the suitability of the material for the intended function.

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