Automotive GearImage collage of automotive PEEK gears, throttle body gears, and HVAC controls
Kleiss Gears developed this molded PEEK polymer gear for the automotive industry to replace a
ground metal AGMA 10 gear - resulting in a less expensive, lighter weight component with
improved mass performance.

Throttle Body Gears
The optimization of the polymer gear train reduces support and extends the life of the product. For automotive drive by wire applications, reduced support translates into increased safety - guaranteeing that components perform to their original specifications throughout the product lifetime.

HVAC Controls

The previous polymer gears for this HVAC could not withstand the rigors of industrial life in the cab or
on the farm. Kleiss Gears' engineering and tooling reduced premature failure in this area control. 



Label Printer
This is an example of a Shape Optimized gear that we designed for a label printer.

Fishing Motor Orbital Gear

Polymers allow many unique, high performance transmission designs including this orbital system designed by Kleiss Gears. This transmission has an unusually high speed reduction in a small package.
It also produces high torque.

Pencil Sharpener
Kleiss Gears can provide working systems and support worldwide. We designed the gear for this pencil sharpener, with production support in China.

Lawn Sprinklers
The lawn sprinkler is a complicated device. They need to withstand impure water and operate for long periods of time. We successfully designed this gear system for a Rain Bird lawn sprinkler.

Vacuum Cleaners
Kleiss Gears’ design for Royal Appliance solved gear breaking problems and consumer noise complaints that they experienced with their previous gears.



John Deere Industrial Agriculture TransmissionImage of John Deere corn planter polymer gears
Originally, this John Deere transmission required periodic replacement and/or lubrication, resulting in
wear and down-time. After Kleiss Gears redesigned it, the transmission needs no lubrication and runs
for the life of the corn planter.



Anesthetic Infusion PumpImage collage of plastic gears for an insulin pump and small high pressure polymer gear pump and housing
In this example, Kleiss Gears’ precision ensures the delivery and repeatability required for today's
rigorous medical standards. This pump helps stabilize trauma patients after critical accidents until they
can reach remote medical facilities.

Gear Pump
The objective was to build a repeatable gear pump to provide up to 5 psi and1.5 L/min flow rates
without secondary operations. Kleiss Gears used a virtual fabric concept where the flatness and
true position of all surfaces were machine described and implemented into tooling. The result is
a pump ready from the press.


Pleo Image collage of Pleo and Barney toys, both with plastic gear trains made by Kleiss Gears

Marketed as a "Life Form", Ugobe brought a robotic creature to life in the modern world. Kleiss worked on 110 gears in 11 transmissions to get smooth, quiet, and efficient -- that is, life-like -- action and movements from this little robotic dinosaur.

Barney - Microsoft's Pet

An interactive TV doll, Barney started out too noisy for the kids, and his arms would lock up. Kleiss Gears redesigned the gear train and brought Barney back to life. 


ISO Logo - Kleiss Gears is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer

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