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Testing_graph.pngAt Kleiss Gears we use plastics to change the nature of gearing; to test our gears we must change the nature of gear testing.  The time-temperature dependence of the material we use dictates that our tester must be capable of mimicking the in situ environment and dynamics of each gear application, whether it is fully plastic or a plastic/metal hybrid.  In other words, an accelerated test that changes the temperature or speed of the gear train does not accurately represent the gear train performance in the field.

Built around 4kW brushless DC motors, we constructed the Kleiss Tester in modular units to facilitate the application specific nature of high performance plastic gearing.  The easily customizable test bed can accommodate both full transmissions and simple gear pairs (parallel or crossed axis) with a test window exceeding 1m3.  Integrated, temperature controlled oil lubrication is available for automotive environmental replication while dedicated software enables dynamic torque simulation up to 100Hz, with plans to upgrade to 1000Hz in the near future.  Basic instrumentation includes torque, rotational velocity, time, and temperature data acquisition, and is easily altered to include custom instrumentation.  On-site access to our dedicated plastic gear metrology lab also enables accurate and timely inspection services for wear and geometric documentation.

We continuously upgrade our test system to refine and expand our plastic gear and transmission testing capabilities, and are willing and able to customize our set-up for any plastic transmission application.

High performace PEEK gears in mesh on Kleiss Gears polymer gear tester

Kleiss Gears polymer gear tester motor

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