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Our engineering design team integrates with yours to the extent you choose.  That could include:

  • providing a custom gear box meeting size, reduction, strength, and/or contact ratio requirements
  • reviewing past design iterations to make recommendations for improving noise and efficiency
  • brainstorming multiple gearing concepts and taking one all the way through the design, material selection, tooling, and manufacturing phases.

We will use your specific functional requirements of loads, speeds, environments, and duty/life cycles to design a gear or transmission right for you.  We are experts in material selection and correcting for shrinkage of that material during the tooling phase.  Our custom inspection and design software focuses on Shape Optimized Gear Design and keeps us a leading designer and supplier of custom molded polymer gears.

One example of our success is our precision worm gear design.  We design worm gears through complete 3-dimensional control of conjugate surfaces to correct for the unique non-linear shrinkage in worm gears.  We then confirm the proper shape with custom 3-dimensional inspection.

Quality custom design by Kleiss Gears enhances the other advantages of using polymers rather than metal, including manufacturing flexibility, light weight, chemical resistance, low cost, no need for lubrication, and low noise.

ISO Logo - Kleiss Gears is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer

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